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A Successful Psychic Reading

A Successful Psychic Reading in 3 Easy steps

It is very important to prepare for your Successful Psychic Reading. Over the years, we have developed some recommendations which you might find useful in order to get the most out of your psychic reading.

Through the correct preparation you will be able to receive a great deal more benefit and your reader will find it
easier to discover the information you need to know. Whether you plan to receive your Successful Psychic Reading by e-mail, mail, fax or a phone reading you should always prepare for your reading.
Step # 1 to a Successful Psychic Reading. Find the right place. Firstly you should find a quiet place where you know you will not be disturbed. This will enable you to relax. Even the thought of someone disturbing you can be enough to unsettle your reading. Although sometimes we would like answers immediately you should avoid calling while in a busy enviroment where it is hard to be quite or still the most successful place is a place where you feel relaxed and safe.

Step # 2 to a Successful Psychic Reading. Empty your mind of its thoughts. This can of course seem impossible but to the best of your ability you need to empty the thoughts from your mind. One of the easiest ways to do this is to concentrate on your breathing. Your mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time and by concentrating on your breathing you will help shut out other thoughts. We recommend you do this for 5 minutes

Step # 3 to a Successful Psychic Reading. Concentrate on your question. Bring the question you desire an answer to your mind and expect that it will be answered. Because we are entering the spiritual realm to find the answers that you seek, the more relaxed and in harmony you are the better your psychic reading. We also find that once your answer has been submitted to the cosmic it receives an answer, even if it is not straight away. We have many cases each day where a person may not feel they have had the exact answer but during the next few days it appears. So get ready for your psychic reading and remember the better you follow the techniques listed above the better your reading will be.
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The Truth About Psychic Readings (And The ONE Type of Psychic To Avoid if you want a Successful Psychic Reading )

These will be helpful in a Successful Psychic Reading

Q: What is the truth about psychic readings? How much can they really help me improve my life? What are the sorts of things I should look out for to avoid psychic scams, charlatans and con artists? And how much should I expect to pay for a good, reputable and honest psychic reading?

A: There is so much myth and misinformation out there when it comes to psychics, mediums and clairvoyants… it’s very difficult to separate fact from fiction. The truth is, a good psychic provides a good life counseling, or intuitive advice service. They are there to help guide you, nudge you and use their natural gifts to help you overcome obstacles and hopefully… make BETTER life decisions when you come to a fork in the road.

A Successful Psychic Reading or reader doesn’t cast spells, heal the sick or provide an alternative for conventional therapy if needed. (although a good reading CAN and should certainly make you feel happier and healthier about your life and luck and future going forward… simply from the standpoint that there IS a purpose for all that happens, and from a soul and spiritual level… you WILL be okay no matter how bad things may seem today)

In the end of a Successful Psychic Reading , it’s important to have a healthy and mature outlook on seeking out psychic advice and council. A good reading CAN feel like magic, but in the end, it’s not. It’s about aligning your greatest goals, your passion, your purpose and your path with the right road, tools and techniques to get there… and that’s exactly what you should expect from a legitimate reader who believes in the code of conduct described above. You should expect a Successful Psychic Reading

Things to avoid like the plague if a psychic or service recommends them during your reading?

Any sort of psychic spell, hex or curse is something we really recommend avoiding at all costs, even if the reader SEEMS legitimate otherwise. In my experience, I’ve never come across a genuine psychic or medium who believed in the power of potions, hexes and spells… and more often than not, these are subtle signs that something sneaky may be behind their motivation. (typically, more money!) It will normally not be Successful Psychic Reading.

Lastly, it’s very important to keep THIS in mind regarding a Successful Psychic Reading:

Like any other spiritual life tool, a good Successful Psychic Reading CAN shine abright and inspiring light on where you’ve been, where you are… AND ultimately where you’re going.

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Q. What are some of the different Psychics, I have heard the name psychic, psychic clairvoyant, and clairvoyant psychic. What is a Clairvoyant and is it different from a psychic? Bruce Main-Smith writes, “It is unfortunate, indeed careless, that clairvoyance has come to be indicative of all/most forms of purported mediumship.”

A. The term clairvoyance (from French clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses.

Psychic - pertaining to mental forces, telepathy, extra sensory perception
Medium - contacting and being able to communicate with spirits of the dead
Clairvoyance - the ability to see things beyond our normal senses

Would be a great simple dictionary way to state the differences.

You have many who calls themself a psychic, labeling themselves as such, because it is stereotypically recognised as someone that can ‘read you’. (you know the way your mother or grandmother use to do and usually it was a successful psychic reading) . The Psychic, most likely would  be able to tell you about, your past, present, future and many other things that the psychic could not possibly have known about you before having your reading or psychic reading.

Clairs’. We have at least three clair abilities:

  • clairvoyance -clairvoyance translates to ‘clear seeing’. A Clairvoyant or Clairvoyant Psychic that is such by definition will be able to see a picture or images of people, places or things in their mind. They are able to describe these to you at the time of your psychic reading.  The Clairvoyant Psychic should be able to clearly tell you something about you and the present and the past to validate the future.
  • clairaudience - Clairaudience is translated  ’clear hearing’.  When working as a meduim the clairaudience will hear information on  a Spirit level. They are often said to be working as a medium getting messages from the Spirit of a love one that is in the spirit realm.
  • clairsentience - Clairsentience involves the realm of  feelings  or as the word implies sensing things –  ’clear sensing’


Successful Psychic Reading